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At emotilink, we believe that finding somebody to talk to on your time and your budget should be as easy as picking up your phone. Here, we connect licensed and qualified mental health care providers with the people who need them through our encrypted and HIPAA compliant real time communication platform and provider marketplace.

Free to download and easy to use, we invite you to find your fit with emotilink.

Emotilink offers


HIPAA-Encrypted Real Time Communication is the safest way to communicate in real time with licensed and qualified mental health care providers.

User Anonymity

Still a little nervous about seeking out care? You're known only as your username and nobody needs to know but you.

On Demand Capability

If you're free and they're free, then it's a match! Let our human-friendly calendar take care of the rest.

Budget Friendliness

Tight on cash? Find a provider who fits your needs and we will prorate your sessions for you.


Clear Pricing

No incomprehensible insurance, no red tape, no copay, no problem. Safety assured through our partner Braintree (a paypal company).

Sync your Calendar

Sync your appointments with favorite Google or Outlook Calendar to make sure you never miss anything.

Provider Marketplace

Browse our free provider marketplace to find your fit based on price, availability and provider specialization.

Unmatched Convenience

Any time, anywhere, in the palm of your hand.


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